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Short Term Medical Insurance | Pros And Cons

Why Short Term health insurance could be perfect for you.

  • In most cases, you can keep your own doctor and go to any specialist
  • Applying is simple and can be done anytime you want
  • With many plans, you can also cancel anytime you want
  • With some plans, you may receive coverage the day after applying
  • You get to choose how much or how little coverage you want based on your price range
  • In many cases, your whole family can get coverage, too
  • There used to be a federal tax penalty if you didn't meet "minimum essential coverage." In 2019, that federal penalty goes away, though some states will still maintain a tax penalty.
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Why Short Term may not be a good fit.

  • Prescription coverage depends on your plan
  • Short Term plans aren’t required to cover the 10 essential health plan benefits that ACA does
  • Preexisting conditions aren’t covered
  • Just because you apply doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get it
  • When your term is up, you have to reapply
  • Maternity services generally aren’t covered
  • Most mental health services aren’t covered
  • Preventive care coverage is limited

A licensed sales representative is ready to help you find the right plan for you. 1-844-741-4118, 6 days a week.

Looking to pair other insurance coverage?

Whether you decide on Short Term or other health insurance plans, consider supplemental health insurance to help round out coverage.

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